Friday, October 29, 2010

Clubhouse landscape renovations

The golf maintenance team just wrapped up a two day project of renovating the clubhouse landscaping.  The large bed to the southeast of the clubhouse and the bed in the circle drive were in desperate need of some attention.  We relocated all existing plants, added some new plants, mulched all beds, added rock features, and solar-powered path lighting.  These much needed improvements are designed to need minimal maintenance, while increasing the overall appearance of the clubhouse.

Frost delays

It's that time of year again.  As the average temperature continues to drop, frost delays will become more common.  Although it is seen as an inconvenience to golfers, delaying golf on frosted greens is a necessity and not something the maintenance staff enjoys having to do.  If we could have our way, we wouldn't have frost and could open early year round.

Frost occurs when the temperature and dew point are both under 40 degrees and there is little to no wind.  This causes the dew to be very thick and then it freezes on the plant.  Under normal conditions the Bentgrass acts like a sponge when walked on, but when the temperatures are below 40 degrees, the leaf blades freeze and become brittle.  When someone walks on grass that is brittle and cannot absorb the weight, the leaf blade will shatter and die.   This is what causes the brown footprints that will appear a day or so after the initial damage.  The maintenance staff will be every morning closely monitoring the status of the frost delay and once  it is clear the course will be opened.

Thank you for your patience during this off-season and stay warm!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Greens renovations

Now that the new greens are established and are beginning to root down into the new profile, the maintenance crew has begun a weekly topdressing program.  This includes adding sand to the green in very light amounts to fill the space around each leaf blade with sand.  Since the grass is being maintained much higher than normal, the green can soft, or "puffy".  Incorporating sand into this space firms up the surface and prevents mowing injury during this crucial grow in process.  During the next 4-6 weeks, we will continue to topdress weekly and slowly bring down the mowing height on the closed greens to make sure that they are as consistent as possible to the open greens.

We have been very encouraged by the progress made on the closed greens over the last month and are excited to get them back into playing condition as soon as possible.  As always, we appreciate everyone's patience during this time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cart path edges

The condition of the grass along cart paths near greens and tees has prompted the maintenance team to take more drastic measures to keep carts on the paths in these areas.  We have started constructing wooden curbs on  most of the holes to keep golfers tires on the path when they pull up to greens and tee boxes.  This will keep the compaction down and allow the turf to remain in better condition.  The maintenance staff will be going around to the worst areas (see picture) and doing repairs throughout the winter.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Greens renovations

Now that all the sod has been laid, the maintenance crew is working hard to make sure all the sod is level and will be as smooth as possible before our first mowing on Friday. A thick layer of sand is added to the greens and brushed in so the seams from the sod will grow in faster. Once a mowing schedule is started, regular topdressing will begin and the green will become smoother and more firm as it continues to establish.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Greens renovations

Now that all the sod has been laid, the maintenance crew has started putting the finishing touches on the renovated greens. We need to plate compact the sod one more time and hand topdress all the seams. Once this is done, the sod will be deep watered and rolled several more times until the surface is smooth, firm and ready for it's first mowing.

Greens renovations

3B Bentgrass and JonesPlan coordinated on Friday to install the new Bentgrass sod on #12-#14. The sod was laid down and watered in a soon as possible to make sure that there weren't any pieces that got too dry. Once the sod was down, a roller was used to smooth the surface and create good sod to soil contact. Each green was rolled several times to get a firm surface.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Greens renovations

JonesPlan is putting the finishing touches on a couple of the greens today. They have filled the greens back in with sand and blended the profile so that the remaining greens mix is uniform. Then they wet the sand and tamp it down to firm up the surface. Once this is finished, the slopes are double checked and then the greens are ready for sod.