Friday, August 17, 2018

#12 Fairway Update

It's been over 35 days since we planted the new Riviera Bermudagrass on #12 fairway and we are very pleased with our progress thus far!  Now that the canopy has achieved full coverage, we will begin to work on density as we look to get the turf ready for winter.  We have about 45 more days of good growing weather and we need to get the young seedlings as healthy as possible.

We planned on pulling ropes down this weekend, but the rains and wet conditions have forced our hand and now plan on opening that fairway to cart traffic on Monday.  Once the ropes are down, we will be better able to integrate the new fairway into our existing fairway management program.  We will begin mowing the new fairway 3 times per week, fertilizing as necessary and begin spraying growth regulators to improve density by increasing the number of leaf blades per inch.  Riviera is by nature, a very winter hardy grass, but all juvenile turf is vulnerable to stress and we need to be sure the new turf is ready for whatever this winter has planned. 

Monday, August 13, 2018

#12 Fairway Conversion Update

7 days after planting
It's been over 30 days since we seeded the new Riviera Bermudagrass in #12 fairway and it's looking good!  As you can see from the picture on the right, we had germination about 7 days after planting!  Over the past few weeks, the new turf continued to make significant progress. As turf got taller and began to fill in, we increased the mowing frequency to match the growth.  Last week, we began the same mowing schedule as the other fairways.  Now that the Riviera is growing in quickly, it is almost time to pull down the ropes and open it to cart traffic!  The plan right now is to let these storms pass through over the next few days and hopefully dry up enough to open it on Saturday.  Over the next few months, we will be pushing turf to grow more aggressively to finish filling in before winter. 

I know everyone will be excited to get out on the new turf and I sincerely appreciate everyone's patience throughout this whole project.  Looking forward to seeing everyone out enjoying the new fairway soon!

30 days after planting