Monday, March 19, 2018

Let's Talk About Bunkers...

Spring has begun, the days are longer, and everyone is dusting off their clubs to get out to enjoy the warmer weather.  While it's great to see everyone out enjoying themselves, I am noticing a disturbing lack of etiquette regarding bunkers.  Now, I know what you're thinking, "the superintendent is just mad because a few people forgot to rake a few footprints, what's the big deal.  The grounds crew is just going to rake them in the morning!"  While it is true, the grounds crew is going to go through all the bunkers the next morning, and rake them before play, this line of thinking misses the point.   The bigger issue for me is that it shows a lack of regard for the golfers behind you.  When I see footprints in a bunker, like the one pictured above, I'm not mad that we had to rake it, I'm frustrated that those footprints were there all afternoon, negatively impacting the conditions for other golfers. 

The grounds department takes the condition of our bunkers very seriously and will continue to provide the best possible playing conditions, but cannot control how they are maintained after we leave for the day.  We feel that if everyone was more mindful of the golfers playing behind them, negative course conditions like this would take care of themselves. 

If anyone has any comments or concerns regarding bunker maintenance, please fee free to contact me.  Thank you and, as always, see you on the course! 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is almost here and the signs are all around us.  Daylight savings time begins this Sunday and the first official day of spring is Tuesday, March 20th.  The days are gradually getting warmer and spring storms are beginning to push out the drier air that is typical during winter.  We are beginning to see signs of spring on the golf course as well.  Trees, shrubs and flowers are waking up and beginning to show their colors.  The grasses are beginning to wake up and the grounds department is reacting with increased activity.  Spring greens aeration typically kicks off our growing season and this year aeration will be on March 21st and 22nd.  As usual, the front nine will be completed the first day and then open back up the next day while the back nine is aerated.

All of this means that the 2018 golf season is underway.  The grounds department is excited and ready for the challenge of providing the best possible conditions for our members and guests to enjoy this year!       

#12 Road Crossing Update

I am happy to announce that the road work between #11 green and #12 tee is complete!  This means the cart path is back open and ready for cart traffic.  We understand this project was an inconvenience and we appreciate everyone's patience and cooperation over the past few weeks. 

The contractor still has to lay some sod, and other miscellaneous work to finish, so please use caution while crossing the road.