Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer heat stress

The most intense heat of the summer is upon us and some of the greens are struggling to stay healthy. From July 16th through the 19th, we endured some of the worst conditions for Bentgrass greens that we've seen in several years. That Friday we received 1.5 inches of rain followed by two straight days of triple digit temperatures and no wind. The intense heat coupled with the absence of wind pushed the soil temperatures way past the acceptable range for the rootzone. The extreme soil temperatures "boiled" the roots. The severe damage caused by the excessive heat in the soil has caused the turf to thin and become unable to fend for itself.
We have been lightly cooling them off with hoses frequently and using fans to increase air circulation. Both of these methods will bring the temperature in the soil down a few degrees and help keep the grass we have. Fertilizers and fungicides are being used to increase recovery and keep any disease from further damaging the turf. Spiking the greens and lightly adding sand to the surface will further incourage the turf to recover. New seed will be incorporated into the surface to grow in areas that have thinned past the point of recovery.
Rest assured that the course maintenance team is doing everything within its power to combat these tough summer conditions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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