Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tree removal

I spent the morning taking pictures and evaluating the amount of shade on some of our greens.  Sunlight is a critical component to the overall health of greens.  The turf must have a certain amount of sunlight each morning before the onset of stress.  I equate it to the these greens skipping breakfast each morning and then burning a lot of energy each afternoon trying to survive the heat.  They can make it through the day but it isn't a good long-term situation for healthy greens.
Now, I don't take removing trees lightly and only do so when necessary.  Trees that are too close to greens reduce needed air circulation and increase shade, both of which increase the humidity in the area around the green.  We feel that by removing a select few trees, we will be able to improve the growing environment for the few greens that struggle each year.  Crews are currently working around #1 green and once finished, will be moving to #12 green.

#1 green at 7AM

#1 at 9AM

#12 at 7AM

#12 at 9AM

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