Thursday, August 4, 2011

Greens fans

The agronomy team here at Bailey Ranch recently received some new 50" diameter greens fans.  Three fans were purchased for the 3 greens we typically have issues with during the summer.  #1, #12,  and #13 greens have air flow issues due to the amount of trees that surround these greens complexes.  We have aggressively removed a majority of these problem trees but many remain on homeowner property.
These fans will push a larger column of air much farther than the older fans, which will cool the greens surface temperatures more effectively.  This increase in air flow will not only reduce surface temperatures but it will also allow the greens to dry out more easily after a rain.  We have already seen an average surface temperature reduction of 4-6 degrees between 12 and 2pm.  This is typically when surface temperature are the hottest and this reduction keeps the growing conditions similar to the other greens on the golf course.

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