Friday, December 23, 2011

Electrical repair

Yesterday the crew installed a section of new irrigation power wire on #6.  This wire supplies power to the satellite box for #6 green.  You've probably noticed the holes we've been digging lately.  We found a short in the wire somewhere between the tee and the green  This about 1,500 feet, so the best way we've found to isolate the problem is to go to the middle, cut and test the wire to see which direction the problem is.  Then we will go to the middle of that section, cut and test again, and so on. Now that we have it narrowed down to about 100 feet, we cut a trench and installed a new piece of wire.  Now that the new wire is installed ,and all the areas we tested have been spliced back together, the area can be cleaned up and finished.

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  1. Interesting electrical repair job. I have heard of using horizontal directional drilling to lay wire and pipe without the need of digging up trenches. This is probably works when new lines have to go under buildings.

    Paul |