Friday, November 9, 2012

#10 Bunker Renovation

The agronomy staff just completed the renovation of #10 bunker this afternoon.  This bunker was beginning to hold water during irrigation cycles and after rain events.  This is caused by silt and other contaminates incorporating into the bunker sand and working their way down on top of the drainage pipe.  Once this layer gets thick enough it can either clog the inside of the pipe, or create a layer between the bottom of the sand and the drainage. This layer can stop the water from entering the drainage.
We started the project mid day Tuesday and wrapped up just minutes ago.  The staff did a fantastic job keeping on schedule despite having to deal with incoming golf balls and stopping work while golfers were on the green.  The drainage improvements and fresh sand will allow this bunker to meet expectations for years to come.  Please keep in mind that this bunker will be a little softer than the others until it has a chance to firm up.  Enjoy!

Day 1: removing the contaminated sand and drainage material

Once all the sand and drainage is out, we assess current
drainage and change as necessary
Day 2: drainage improvements are made.  These trenches are dug by hand
and carefully measured to grade
Day 3: drainage pipe and pea gravel are added to the new trenches
Day 4: after 30 tons of fresh sand, the finished product, open and ready for play

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