Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Slicing Fairways

Slicing #1 fairway
With a busy Memorial Day weekend behind us and with prime growing conditions for the Bermuda, the agronomy staff is out this week slicing fairways.  The machine we use for this process is called an Aerway Shattertine aerator.  The great aspect of using this type of machine, is that although it leaves a small slit at the surface, it has a much bigger impact in the soil.  The tines are curved which causes the soil to be pushed to one side, fracturing it as they come back out.  This "shattering" effect has several benefits, reducing the compaction that has built up and allowing improved drainage and oxygen content in the soil.  All of these improvements will result in a better root zone and healthier turf.  Staff will be out mowing and blowing fairways later this week in an effort to further clean things up for the weekend.  

Mowing #11 Fairway

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