Tuesday, January 14, 2014


In front of #18 red tee
This past Saturday, we came in to find that someone had driven their car on the golf course late Friday night.  The fact that it had just rained and the snow had just melted didn't help the situation.  It seems they came onto the course near the red tees at #18, drove up to the green and tried to do some donuts on the green.  As you can see, we escaped any major damage and amazingly enough, should only deal with some minor discoloration.  We think the fact that the greens were frozen helped us because we should have seen much more damage.  After they turned on #18 green, they drove down #1 and went all the way around the front nine back to #18, where they exited at the same place they entered.  Luckily, the worse damage to the Bermuda is in the rough directly in front of the red tees on #18.  The good news is that shortly after the incident was reported to the Owasso PD, they called back saying they had found the car parked at the apartments.  The last we heard, they had impounded the vehicle and arrested the individual.

#18 fairway

#18 green

#18 green

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