Friday, December 5, 2014

Divot Pattern Reminder

Now that the Bermudagrass on the driving range is fully dormant, the divot pattern used by golfers will become increasingly important due to the lack of recovery by the turf.  Typically, the Bermudagrass will not grow aggressively enough for quick recovery from divots until late April.   This fairly long dormancy period, coupled with the intermittent mild weather we experience, can leave the quality of the driving range tee in less than ideal condition.

As I've mentioned before, the divot pattern in the graphic to the right, is the preferred pattern all year long.  It allows for quicker recovery through the growing season and allows us to maximize the dormant turf throughout the off-season.

The grounds staff would ask that you please follow this simple technique to preserve as much grass as possible so that we can maintain the highest quality turf possible until the plant begin to recover in spring.

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