Monday, March 30, 2015

Landscape Bed Work

After setting up the golf course for the first Owasso High School tournament this morning, the staff kept off the golf course and spent some much needed time working in the landscape beds at the clubhouse.  The one bed that needed the most work was the landscape bed at the northeast corner of the building between the F&B area and the putting green.  This bed has always been an issue due to it's Northeast exposure and poor drainage.  Before the staff planted a whole bunch of new shrubs, we took the time to address some of these issues.  First, a new drain pipe was installed to take the downspout water underground to the east and it exits near the cart path.  This will reduce the amount of water in the bed and should allow us to maintain drier conditions.  The northeast exposure means that there is very little direct sunlight on this bed and any moisture in the soil takes much longer to evaporate that other beds around the building.  This slow dry time, coupled with the excess water coming off the roof effectively drowned the plants that were there.  Now that the drainage issues have been resolved, new shade tolerant plants have been added.  Slow release organic fertilizer and mulch were then added to finish the project.  The staff did an amazing job getting this done in such a short amount of time.  The beds on either side of the F&B entrance are next on the list.  More soil needs to be added and the plants replaced.  We should have all the landscaping done by the end of the week.

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