Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More drainage work....

Drainage water had collected at bottom of green and found exit point in approach

On Monday, the grounds staff began work on a drainage issue in front of #14 green in the middle of the approach.  The drainage system underneath #14 green exits to the southwest through the approach and goes downhill towards the cart path.  We recently discovered a persistent wet spot right in the middle of the approach, and knowing the drainage is in the vicinity, knew we needed to at least take a look to see what's going on.  The staff dug up the wet spot and found a pocket of saturated greens mix but no pipe.  This spot is about ten feet left of where the drainage system is located.  This means that some of the water inside the green cannot quite make it to the pipe and has collected in a second low spot to the left.  Once enough water collects there, the water "tops" over the clay edge into the sand layer above.  The water then moves inside the sand until it can surface through the turf.  This is where the wet spot came from in the approach.  Our solutions was to create a drainage extension to give the water in that second low area somewhere to go so it will stay underground.  This should keep the turf in the approach from getting saturated.  Although we had a tournament on Monday afternoon and another one Tuesday morning, the staff did a great job getting this project completed as soon as they could.  The area is all put back together and we apologize for any inconvenience this project may have caused.

Pipe extension w/ green left of picture 
Beginning of drain extension w/ fabric to keep sand out of pipe

New drain pipe ties into existing drainage on east side of approach

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