Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fall Greens Aeration

This past week, the staff completed our fall greens aeration.  A project like this is always a lot of work and the staff did an amazing job completing the project and still preparing the golf course for a busy weekend.  Some rainy weather provided a few delays, but the staff was flexible, and we still accomplished our goals.  I've written about the many benefits of the aeration process in the past, that information can be found here.

Now that aeration is behind us, we can begin the heal-in process.  Over the next week, or so, the holes will gradually fill in, and the greens will get firm and smooth.  We realize that everyone is anxious to get the greens back to normal, but appreciate everyone's patience during the next two weeks.  Although aeration is seen as a huge inconvenience, the aeration process is critical to a sustainable, high quality surface year after year.

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