Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter Storm Goliath

The winter storm Goliath, that is currently working it's way through the state, is leaving an incredible amount of rain across the eastern half of the state.  The graph on the right shows the damage thus far.  The golf course has had almost 7 inches of rain, and it's snowing right now.  Look at Talequah with almost a foot of rain!!  The upcoming week is forecasted to be dry with freezing temperatures at night and forties during the day.  This freeze/thaw cycle will drag out the drying process and cause it to take twice as long for the turf to dry enough to remove cart restrictions.

Our friends at the Oklahoma Mesonet have a great run down on this recent storm and it's implications on the state records that have been broken.  I've included a link to the article below:

The most interesting part of the information listed above, was the impact this week's storm will have on our total statewide precipitation average relative to history.  It's clear this year has made history regarding the amount of rain that has fallen across the state.


Absolutely incredible. I don't know if you're quite getting it there. We just
topped the statewide average rainfall total by nearly 6 inches. Wow. There were
only 7 previous years above 47 inches, so let's rank them so you can see
the enormity of this new record.

2015: 53.71 inches (preliminary)
1957: 47.88 inches
1908: 47.24 inches
1915: 46.01 inches
1941: 45.83 inches
1923: 44.61 inches
1945: 41.82 inches
1905: 40.89 inches

Now we won't get the "official" total until later into January when NCEI releases
their statewide average, but safe to say it will be somewhere in the neighborhood
of 53-54 inches.

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