Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Bunker Audit

Each year, prior to the start of the golfing season, the grounds maintenance staff conducts an audit of sand depths to ensure our bunkers meet the standards of our member and guests.  Maintaining consistent sand depths in our bunkers allows us to create consistent playing conditions no matter which bunker you land in.  Bunkers that have too much sand in them tend to be fluffy and will produce buried lies.  If the bunker sand is too thin, it tends to be too firm.  Thin sand depths will also increase the risk of silt and gravel contamination.  This contamination will effect the performance of the drainage over time and dramatically reduce the lifespan of a bunker.

The sand depth audit process is pretty simple.  First, small holes are dug throughout the bunker to measure the sand depth.  Then, if certain areas of a bunker have too much sand, and other areas have too little, the sand can be moved around accordingly.  If a bunker is found to have too many areas that are thin, new sand is brought in and spread around to create the necessary depth.  Ideally, once the process is complete, all bunkers will have 4-5 inches of sand in the bottom and 2-3 inches on the slopes.

Bunkers continue to be of significant importance for our members and guests.  If anyone has any questions, or comments, about our bunkers, please fee free to contact someone on the grounds department while you are out enjoying your round.  Thank you and look forward to seeing you out on the course!

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