Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Greens/Irrigation Renovation Update

All treated turf was cut 1" deep
On May 3rd, with the irrigation phase of the project successfully complete, Fleetwood Services came to town to begin the greens renovation phase of the project. May 3rd was, not only the day we closed to the public for the summer, but was also a big day for our team. We went out and sod cut all greens, collars and tee boxes as the first step in the project. This ended up being about 280,000 square feet with only 4 sod cutters and 6 guys taking turns! It only took them 2.5 days and I couldn't be more proud of their efforts. 

Once the sod was cut, the contractor began loading all the cut turf and hauling it to the parking lot to be store for removal off-site. The following week, another crew showed up with more equipment so they could move twice as fast through the process. As of today, 5/19, they have 6 greens ready for sprigs, 6 more that are about 7-10 days from sprigs and the last group of greens are a few weeks away from sprigs. This puts us on time or slightly ahead of schedule. Now we just need to keep the rain from complicating things. The weather forecast doesn't look good, but the guys at Fleetwood will do their best to carry on despite the weather. 
Cut turf is removed to prepare sprigbed

Our team is excited to begin the grow-in phase of the greens project! We've been planning and organizing supplies and materials for weeks leading up to this and the new grass will be here before we know it! I'll make sure to update the blog at least a few more times throughout the project to be sure everyone stays up to date. As always, if you have questions regarding the project, leave a comment, or contact the pro shop. Thanks, and can't wait to see everyone on the course this fall!

Tee boxes cut and stripped for new sod

Bermuda contamination removed from inside edge of green

Rototilled 8" deep 2 directions

Final shaping complete and ready for sprigs!

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