Friday, November 5, 2021

Driving Range Tee Overseed

On October 5th, the grounds crew closed the east half of the driving range tee to begin the overseeding process.  We decided to overseed the driving range tee with Perennial Ryegrass to give our members and guests green grass to hit off of during winter.  We hadn't done this for many years, but decided with all the recent course improvements, this additional amenity was something we could do to bring even more value to the golfing experience at Bailey Ranch.  The recently upgraded driving range tee irrigation allows us to more easily halve the tee so we could close one side and water in the seed as needed, while leaving the other side of the tee open for play.  

On Tuesday October 12th, we mowed the seedlings for the first time and a week later, on October 19th, we opened the east side to play and seeded the west side.  The west side has taken a few days longer to germinate, and establish enough to open, due to colder weather, but we will be ready to open entire tee to regular use on Tuesday November 9th.  

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