Friday, December 3, 2010

#11 bunker renovation

Over the past few days, the maintenance team has been working on renovating the greenside bunker on #11.  We decided to start fresh by completely reshaping and resizing the bunker.  This change will fit into our design philosophy of reducing maintenance costs while keeping playability intact.  The main issue with the old design was that rain water drained into the back of the bunker off of a steep slope.  Surface water should never drain into a bunker, it should always drain away from the bunker.  To address this surface drainage issue, the original bunker was divided in two.  This gave us the flexibility during the redesign to shrink and move the back bunker closer to the green to allow us to get the water flowing around the back of the bunker and down into a basin.  This will keep the sand in place, which will help us extend the life of the bunker, and most importantly, improve playability for years to come.  We also carved out the old material out of the bottoms of the bunkers and so the new bunkers will be deeper shape and will be more intimidating to play out of. 

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