Thursday, March 31, 2011

#8 Bunker Renovation

On Monday, the maintenance staff started the last bunker renovation of the off-season on #8.  The bunkers on #8 were very old and in sad shape.  The little amount of sand we had in them was contaminated with rocks and soil.  The new design will minimize labor while enhancing the links aspect of the hole.  The new bunkers will be deep, pot bunkers with fairway height turf surrounding them on all sides.  This should increase the possibility of rolling your ball into the hazard thus maintaining integrity of this short par 3.  I've been looking forward to starting this project for a few weeks and am please with the progress so far.
The first step in the process was to get the rough shaping done with the skid loader.  This equipment made short work of this part of the project and was well worth the expense.

Then we installed the drainage coming from the bunkers to the basin.

Once the drainage was installed, the trenches were back filled and graded again

The next step was to create the new bunker edge and compact the soil inside the bunker to create a strong smooth bunker floor.

If the rain doesn't hold us off today, we should get the sod installed and get our drainage dug in today.  I hope to be ready for sand by tomorrow afternoon.

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