Thursday, March 7, 2013

GPS Mapping

GPS mapping irrigation system today.  Blog post coming soon., with the help of the Jeff Bain at the City of Owasso Engineering Department, we began GPS mapping the irrigation system.  The ability to accurately, and quickly, locate valves, electrical wire splices, sprinkler heads, etc. is critical when troubleshooting a problem with the system.  Currently we are using 20 year old, hand drawn, maps that are not to scale.  Accurate irrigation as-builts are critical to the proper repair and maintenance of golf course irrigation and drainage infrastructure.  Over the next few weeks, Jeff will be out on the course mapping as much as he can.  We plan on mapping every component of the irrigation system including: fittings, pipe size, and  pipe length.  Once we have the irrigation system complete, we will move on to the drainage system which includes: drain basins, pipe size, pipe length, green and bunker flush outs, and drain outlets.  Once all the data points are collected, they will be labeled and can then be overlayed onto GIS aerial images (similar to Google Earth).  We can then print maps, or use tablets, to dependably locate infrastructure items no matter if they are buried, or grown over.  I cannot thank Jeff enough for his efforts and the time he is donating for this project.  Just another example of city departments lending a hand to make the whole city better.   



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