Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Weed Control

Finishing pre-emergent app at clubhouse today.  Only the driving range remains.  Will be done on schedule.Spring is almost upon us and I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that if they haven't yet treated their lawns with pre-emergent herbicides, now is the time.  Successful crabgrass control can be achieved if products are applied up to mid-April.  A mild spring most likely will bring on broadleaf weeds, such as dandelion, much sooner than normal.  In order to be successful with pre-emergent herbicides, it is better to be a week early than a day late.
As the name implies, these products are meant to only be effective if the soil is treated before emergence.  Once a plant has emerged, these types of products are rendered ineffective.  If you do have some breakthrough of weeds after your pre-emergent herbicide application, look for weed control products at your local lawn and garden store that do not contain Glyphosate, or Diquat in them.  These two products will kill Bermuda that isn't dormant (brown).  Most product labels with these two chemicals will say "Weed & Grass Killer" in the product name.  Carefully read the product labels to be sure that what you apply to your lawn does not have these chemicals in the ingredients, unless you intend to kill the Bermuda as well.
As always, if you have any questions regarding pre-emergent applications, or any general lawn care advice, feel free to contact me.

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