Friday, July 26, 2013

Edging Sprinkler Heads

Before edging
Golf courses all have routine maintenance work that must be completed.  Whether it's mowing greens, raking bunkers, topdressing, edging curbs, etc., course superintendents balance there weekly routine with miscellaneous items that must be addressed.  Although sometimes difficult to get to, tending to the details is what can take a golf course to the next level.  Edging sprinkler heads is one of these detail items that is fairly involved and we don't seem to be able to get to it as often as we'd like.  This week, due to milder weather and a lack of hand watering greens, we've committed to completing this project.
When eding sprinkler heads, the crew takes the project hole by hole, locating the heads and then marking them with wire flags.  Once they are marked, a weed-eater with a special attachment is used to edge the sprinkler head.  Lastly a blower is used to clean off the head and pull the flag to indicate it is finished.  By the time the crew finishes today, they will have edged over 750 sprinkler heads on the golf course.

This edging has several benefits, it cleans up the head and makes the yardages on the lid more visible.  Edging also allows the head to function properly by keeping the Bermuda from growing down inside the head.

After edging

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