Monday, July 1, 2013

Greens Syringing

The greens syringe team has been out each afternoon for the past few weeks and we've had several incidents of people hitting into them while they are cooling off the greens.  Our main focus during the afternoon is to keep the greens cooled off and the staff works diligently to keep out of the way of play.  However, there are times when holding up play is unavoidable.  When the employee pulls the flagstick out of the cup, we'd please ask that golfers just give us a few moments to get the green watered.  Once the flag is put back in the cup, play can resume.  We realize that it can frustrating to have to wait, but appreciate your patience during this time of year.


  1. Worked there for 3 years, was never hit by a ball but hit into often. 4 more summers at other golf courses and still haven't been hit (knock on wood).

    1. Ben, what years did you work here? You better knock on wood, you probably just jinxed yourself.