Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Ice Storm Update

pine trees at #9 
I had a chance, this morning, to assess the aftermath of last Friday's ice storm for the first time.  The storm dumped almost a 1/2" of ice over the golf course Friday night.  While we do have numerous limbs down, overall the damage is nothing compared to what we experienced in 2007.  Most of the damage is restricted to trees hanging over cart paths.  The majority of the trees blocking the cart paths on #2, #2, #12, #14, and #18 are not broken, just bent down due to the weight of the ice.  I hope that most of these trees will spring back up once the weight is off the limbs.  Below are a few pictures taken from this morning.

Elm trees West of #18 green

Hackberry in #14 fairway

View of #12 green from cart path

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