Monday, February 17, 2014

#12 Green Surround

Close up of tree work completed
I've been getting a lot of questions, and feedback, from members about the tree work behind #12 green.  While I will agree that the two trees that were removed did provide a visual backdrop, and framed the greens complex; the negative affects to the turf directly behind the green cannot be overlooked.  Bermuda has a very strict light requirement and is very intolerant of shade.  Our inability to grown quality turf in this area, coupled with the fact that it is only six paces, down hill, from the back edge of the green makes this area a clear choice for renovation.  Over the past couple of years, I've noticed a lot of players getting penalized for a nice shot that hits the green, but rolls off the back into dirt.  Our aim with this project is to bring the greens surround further down hill to give the player a short turf bail out where the ball can be easily played back onto the green.

The grounds staff is finishing up removing all tree material and should have all stumps ground by the end of the day Tuesday.  Once this step is complete, we will begin shaping the area and prepping for sod.  If all goes as planned, we expect to be laying sod by the end of the week.

In late spring, as the sod begins to break dormancy, we will start to lower the height of cut until it matches the rest of the surrounds.  We anticipate the finished product will be well-received as this greens complex is considered to be the toughest on the golf course.
View of green without trees

As always, if you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to let us know.


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