Friday, February 21, 2014

#12 Greens Surround

Stumps removed and dirt work completed
Bare area behind green w/ trees removed
Finished product looking to the southeast

 Yesterday, the grounds staff finished the sod project behind #12 green.  Once this sod begins to green up this spring, the height of cut will be brought down to 1/2" so that it matches the rest of the greens surround.  The short turf will give a player plenty of options to get back onto the green if their shot releases off the back.

As with any new sod project.  This area will be marked ground under repair until the sod has had a chance to root into the ground, and stabilize.  The rules of golf allow for relief from ground under repair, so please do not hit balls from this area.  It will disrupt the sod while it has not yet rooted in.  Those who need to retrieve their ball, please do so carefully.  We appreciate everyone's help it keeping this sod intact until it grows in.

Finished product looking northwest

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