Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Irrigation Work on #4 Tee

Today, the grounds staff reconfigured an irrigation station between the forward tee and the fairway on #4. This area has always had poor irrigation coverage and therefore the quality and density of the turf in this area, has been largely dependent on the weather.  It was decided that adding a head, and moving an existing head, would improve the coverage and make it easier to grow better turf in this area.

 The picture below describes the work that was completed.  The red lines and circles show the current layout of the system, with the lines showing the pipe locations and the filled red circles showing the location of the full circle (360 degree) heads.  The yellow lines and circles show the new head and pipe layout with the half circles describing part circle (180 degree) heads.  A part circle head allows us to irrigation along the path while not spraying the houses left of the path, and also watering the in-play Bermuda and not the native along the right side.

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