Monday, February 15, 2016

January Course Update

Most of January was perfect for golf
Despite my intentions to create more content on this blog last year, I had trouble either finding inspiration or time to write.  This year, I plan on not only writing project updates and articles on miscellaneous items on the golf course, but I am planning on doing an update at the end of each month to recap what went on during the month.  Having said all that, I'm already behind as it's mid-February and I'm just now sitting down to write the January update.

January, weather wise, started off really well with mild days and relatively warm nights, then during the middle of the month, we had 2-4 inches of snow.  After about a week, the snow melted and the rest of the month was very nice.  During the week or so we had some snow and rain, the staff spent their time indoors working with Dan, our equipment manager, building a service vehicle.  The picture to the right is our old sprayrig that we've taken the tank and booms off.  Then we made a custom flatbed that attached to the frame.  Once the flatbed was built, we outfitted it with some tools that Dan typically needs when making repairs in the field: compressed air, hand tools, jack, tow chains, etc.  This will allow Dan to be more responsive when repairs are needed, reducing down time.

Staff removed a lot of growth behind #6, blocking view from street
The rest of the month, the crew spent working on trees as part of our annual tree management program.
Although we do not have as many trees as some other courses in the area, we still end up needing to spend almost 2-4 weeks each winter pruning and removing trees throughout the property.  Most of the tree work ends up along the creek/pond banks and property edges.  These areas are where most of the removals take place.  Also, in-play trees must be pruned up for mower and cart clearance concerns.

Removed trees to improve view from 96th St. and Mingo
There are also a few trees each year that are carefully chosen for removal if they interfere with our ability to manage quality turf.  Most often this occurs near tee and green complexes.  This year, several large trees were chosen in the back nine on holes #12, #14 and #15 because of shade or air flow issues.  The following pictures show some of the work that was completed during January.

Shade from tree in middle of picture neg.affected R side of green

Once the tree is down, the real work begins!

Large cottonwood removed behind #14 black tee. Roots
growing into teeing ground
Thin turf under tree right of #15 green

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