Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Pre-emergent Application

Another key project the grounds staff completed this week, was our spring pre-emergent herbicide application to all Bermuda on the golf course.  This application is very time sensitive and critical to the overall cleanliness of the golf course during the season.  When dealing with pre-emergent herbicides, timing is very important.  I'd rather apply two weeks too soon than a day late.  Pre-emergent products are, by definition, only designed to control weeds before they germinate.  Therefore, if you wait too long, and the weeds germinate, there will be no control of the weeds and your time & money is wasted.  The general time frame to control summer annual weeds, with pre-emergent herbicides, in this part of the country, is mid-March to mid-April.  So if any of you homeowners are reading this and have been putting it off, get out and put down your pre-emergent products in the next week or so before it's too late.  

As you can see from the picture above, the pre-emergent was applied using our fertilizer spreader.  Purchasing the herbicide coated on a fertilizer granule is the most efficient and cost effective application method.  It took our staff less than two days to apply the product versus almost two weeks if we sprayed it using our spray rig.  A little accuracy is lost during the application by using this method, but the savings in time make up for it.  This application will keep our weed pressure down until the product starts to wear off in mid-August.  We will then go out with another product in late September to guard against winter annuals.

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