Monday, February 9, 2015

#15 sod work

Late last week, the grounds staff used some left over sod to fix a washed out area along the cart path on #15.  This spot is on the north facing slope just after #15 forward tee as you go downhill toward the fairway.  The turf in this area came out of winter last year thin, which allowed the soil to erode during the rainy season.  The erosion left a sizable rut down the edge of the cart path.  The picture to the right shows the area in question after six loads of soil had been added and leveled.  Sod was then added and stapled down to keep it in place until the sod has a chance to root into the ground.  The area will be roped off until spring green-up.  Please keep off the sod until the ropes come down so we can ensure a successful grow-in.  

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