Tuesday, February 17, 2015


#16 looking back toward the tee
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#18 fairway is a popular place right now
On Sunday night, the golf course got it's first measurable snow event of the season.  February is usually the month we get some snow and once again it didn't disappoint.  Staff came in on Monday and started clearing sidewalks and doorways around the clubhouse.  Otherwise, we're staying inside working on several projects to keep us busy.  Currently, the only activity happening on the golf course right now is sledding on #18 fairway!

The sun came out yesterday afternoon and I took a short walk to capture a few pictures of #16 and #17 in the snow.  We don't get a lot of chances to see the course covered in snow so I had to take advantage.

#17 looking toward green

#11 fairway looking toward #17 tee

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