Thursday, January 27, 2011

#14 Bunker Renovation

The maintenance team has worked very hard over the last few days shaping and compacting the new bunker slopes in preparation for sod.  The "flush out drains" were installed and sod was laid around the entire bunker.  The flush outs are installed to allow us to manually flush irrigation water into the drainage system to keep it clean and functioning properly.
Now that sod has been laid, the new bunker is starting to become more apparent.  New drainage pipe and gravel will go in today and all the new bunker sand will be installed by tomorrow afternoon.
Please remember that although the bunker may appear to be open and ready for play, dormant sod cannot root in and this bunker must remain closed until it can root into the soil this spring.  We will be installing rope and ground under repair markings to assist with any ruling issues.  Thanks for your cooperation during this time.

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