Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poa control

Our staff is taking advantage of the calm winds, and warm weather, over the last few days by treating the collars with herbicide.  This herbicide will not harm the dormant Bermuda but will kill any weeds that are present.  The blue color around the green is dye that is used to mark where we have applied.  This dye will fade over the next few days.
The weed we are after is annual bluegrass, or Poa, as it is commonly referred.  Poa is a common weed in this area and thrives during the fall and spring.  We need to control it around the greens because the seeds can easily be transported onto the green by equipment and foot traffic.  Once Poa establishes in the greens it spreads easily and is extremely difficult to remove without injury to the Bentgrass.  Poa is inherently susceptible to disease, heat/drought stress and grows at different rates than Bentgrass.  This can cause infested greens to become bumpy, decreasing putting quality.

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